Travelogue of a foreign Cypriot


IT Ciao a tutti i muggies che ci seguono.

Sono Edoardo, uno dei redattori del MUG.

In questo periodo sono in Erasmus a Cipro e non avendo ancora il dono della bilocazione non potrò parlarvi di quello che succede in Umbria.

Però posso raccontare ai miei nuovi amici qualcosa della nostra regione, ed è quello che mi sono proposto di fare, anche per vivere al meglio questa esperienza e lasciare loro una piccola parte di me.

Spero di non far morire un inglese a ogni strafalcione linguistico; qualora ciò avvenisse sconterò la mia pena presso l’Accademia britannica.

Stay tuned per seguire questo esperimento e aspetto i vostri feedback.

See you soon.

Group photo during an excursion.

EN Kalimera everybody!

It’s your favorite Animal-party Edoardo writing. 

I started my Erasmus here in Cyprus in january and since then I have made many new friends, all of you. I met you in the Erasmus group, in the parties, at lesson, in library, or simply around Limassol.

Some of you when I say to be italian are very curious and kind towards me, my country and my culture, especially greek people when they exclaim “una faccia una razza” [literally, one face one race]. At beginning this didn’t make sense to me, then I realized it was a way to tell me that they consider italians not foreigners, but part of the large family of Mediterranean peoples, and also referring to the history of Magna Grecia in the southern Italian peninsula. 

So I would like to satisfy your curiosity and tell you something about my country. 

To begin with I repeat for those who did not already know which city I come from: not from Milan, not from Rome, not from Florence, not from Venice, not from Crotone, but my city is Perugia, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, so called for the verdant and lush landscape of this region exactly in the center of Italy. 

Actually I work with two blogs, the first of my university students, the second for a project promoted by local administrations. We are a group of young people of various backgrounds trained to tell the territory and the events that may interest our peers within the MUG – Magazine Umbria Giovani.

My stay here will be my inspiring muse and I will act as a rhapsodist, a storyteller.

By now I am a foreign Cypriot. 

Yours beloved Edoardo


Edoardo Batocchi